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All our products are subject to strict process and output control. The newly built measuring centers are equipped with the most modern instruments for hardness measuring, they also provide pressure tests up to a force of 200 kN. Of course, we also have 100% length control of critical dimensions. We own special gauges such as the Aberlink 3D Axiom too 1500 CNC or the Keyence digital optical microscope.


  • We meet high quality requirements while cooperating with German car manufacturing companies, but we take it as a standard also for other industries.
  • Regular independent audits ISO 9000 and VDA standards confirm our emphasis on quality.
  • Certification ČSN EN ISO 9001/2016 and EN ISO 14001.
  • We perform internal sampling and regular audits for each part, whether in the automotive or non-automotive sector.

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K dílům dodáváme materiálové atesty 3.1 i rozměrové protokoly dle požadavku zákazníka. Standardem je vzorkování podle VDA, PPAP. Zkušenosti se zákazníky z Tier 1.