We work according to technical drawings supplied by the customer.

We have at our disposal the latest NC and CNC machines. For machining we use Swiss-type lathes with driven tools, or with counter spindles of the mark Gildemeister, Twin, Tornado, Index, Spinner, or ZPS. Moreover, for cutting processes we use machines KALTENBACH and ADIGE with 100 % measuring and machining of rod ends. Semi-finished product up to the diameter 80 mm. Moreover, we dispose of CNC.

The parts are made of all commonly used aluminum alloys. The demand focuses mainly on materials according to EN AW 6082, 6060, 6005. We supply parts that are thermally processed with status T0, T4, T6. On demand we provide also parts with deviation from the standard for Rp0.2 up to 330 N/mm2.

We press tubes, bars and profiles from 660 up to 3000 tons to chamber or to triblet. We provide production of precise tubes by cold drawing and we supply parts with various surface finishing.


We machine aluminum materials using precise CNC machines, both from rods and pieces. Precision CNC cutting and tumbling. Swindle swing up to 60 mm.


Parting of Materials

We cut aluminum profiles, rods and tubes in batches using modern CNC saw centers. We finish materials with guaranteed length accuracy up to 0.2 mm, all in lengths up to 6100 mm and diameter up to 160 mm.