We are a fast growing company operating on the market for precision mechanical parts in particular for automotive industry. Quality, innovation and complex customer service make the company Awec the important development partner and supplier of aluminum parts. Primarily, we specialize in large-lot production of machined and cut parts.

Our production takes place both in the Czech Republic and in our production branch located in Vietnam. The combination of such co-operation enables us to guarantee a delivery of broad portfolio of high quality products with competitive prices and to flexibly respond to changing needs of our customers.

In our production we apply the system “JUST IN TIME”, where by simultaneous connection of synergies from the areas of quality management, technology and logistics we are able to fulfill even the most demanding requirements set down by the automotive industry.

Our vision
Our company focuses mainly on good customer care and services, offering competitive prices and excellent and stabile performance in quality and logistic.

Our company has received the Czech Stability Award as part of the CZECH TOP 100 Scoring and has joined the ranks of the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.